Pat Terry

Guitar and 5 String Banjo Instruction

My name is Pat Terry and I have been providing professional, high quality private guitar and 5 string banjo instruction in Salt Lake since 1984.  In 2001 I became an Associate Professor of Jazz Studies in the school of music at the University of Utah, teaching private lessons to jazz guitar performance students.  I teach and play all styles but my forte is jazz and gypsy jazz, theory and improvisation.  My lessons are given with genuine enthusiasm, gentle humor and generous patience.  Beginning, intermediate or advanced, I can confidently offer the best instruction available!

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My students succeed in many ways. They get into bands, pass entrance auditions for jazz bands, music schools and universities. They get music scholarships, music degrees, paying gigs, signed by record labels, go on tours, and record their music. They have fun and enrich their lives and minds in ways that keep producing joy and growth. Here are a few kind words from some of my students about their experience studying with me.

Pat Terry is hands down the best guitar instructor I have ever had the opportunity to learn from, period. Each lesson builds on each other in a logical, clear and concise manner. I spent ten plus years in theory and application limbo until I met Pat. I am now soloing over jazz changes and I can’t tell you how good that feels!!
— Ben Stokes

From my first lesson, Pat completely opened my perspective of music. Not only is he a brilliant guitarist, he is an excellent teacher. The material in his lessons are organized and very practical.He has helped clean up a lot of my technique and helped me realize how crucial those aspects of guitar playing are. I would recommend him to anyone serious about guitar as well as teachers looking to become better teachers!
— Ryan Mitchell

Pat sets a solid foundation that he builds on with each lesson. You can see clear progress in your own playing in a matter of weeks. His teaching method is structured in a way that makes it easy to start on any level. He’s one of the best teachers I’ve had and I would recommend him to anyone I know.
— James Martak

I was very fortunate to take guitar lessons from Pat for several years. I am still playing guitar almost every day. Pat has the knowledge and ability to teach students of all levels as well as several styles of music: Blues, Jazz, Rock and Reggae just to names a few. Pat’s focus on fundamentals gives students the ability to improve and play any musical style they choose. He has given me the confidence to help other players too. I’m not sure I’d be pursuing the guitar as much without Pats’ lessons. I wasn’t a Jazz fan until I started studying with Pat but now I find myself listening to Jazz which has helped my playing. My deepest thanks to a great musician and friend!
— Andy Wood

I always enjoyed my lessons with Pat. He has a welcoming demeanor, is patient and knowledgeable, and tells funny jokes! Pat is able to articulate complex ideas and bridge the gap between theory and practical application.
— Keith Musig

Before I started taking guitar lessons from Pat I could not play with other people, read lead sheets, understand scales, modes, chords and theory. I was practicing without method, clarity or direction, and making very slow progress. Thanks to Pat I’m starting to get it. I am practicing smart, playing with Jazz cats and loving it! My progress has been beyond expectations. Music is so much more fun now! Thank you Pat Terry!
— Wendy Summers

Pat is head and shoulders above all of the other guitar teachers I have ever worked with, and I have had the opportunity to study classical, jazz and rock and roll guitar with some very accomplished instructors over the years. Not only is Pat a great guitar player in the styles of jazz, blues and rock and roll, among other styles, but he also has a special talent for teaching guitar. He was the first guitar teacher who really helped me understand how to connect the fret board in a logical manner that I could easily apply to my playing. He also has an easy going personal style that takes the intimidation factor out of studying advanced styles such as jazz; and, he also keeps the lesson interesting by injecting lots of humor and clever anecdotes about the composers we are studying, as well as his own experiences as a working musician.

Pat isn’t just a great teacher, he’s also a great value. Not only can I record my lessons and go back and review them at my leisure, but he also packs way more than an hour’s worth of material into each of my one hour lessons. And, as he’s also competitively priced to boot, it goes without saying that I would recommend him unequivocally to players of any style, and at any playing level!
— Alex Bustos