Pat Terry

Guitar and 5 String Banjo Instruction

My name is Pat Terry and I have been providing professional, high quality private guitar and 5 string banjo instruction in Salt Lake since 1984.  In 2001 I became an Associate Professor of Jazz Studies in the school of music at the University of Utah, teaching private lessons to jazz guitar performance students.  I teach and play all styles but my forte is jazz and gypsy jazz, theory and improvisation.  My lessons are given with genuine enthusiasm, gentle humor and generous patience.  Beginning, intermediate or advanced, I can confidently offer the best instruction available!


I offer weekly lessons in the afternoon or evenings.  Most students have their weekly lesson on the same day, time and location each week, but arrangements can be made for people with erratic schedules.


You may enroll in a 30, 45, or 60 minute session.  You're welcome to change your level of study at anytime. 

Prices and Payment: 

Tuition will be dependent upon your level of study and may be paid for by check or cash.  I offer some flexibility on payment arrangements. 

  • You may pay for each lesson as you take them or many people prefer the convenience of paying for a month's worth of lessons at a time. 

As long as you stay current I'm happy to make arrangements that suit you. 

Please contact me for lesson prices and availability.

  Pat Terry (801)- 463-2439


The texts I recommend will depend on level and interests, what you will need to be prepared for your lessons will be principally:

  1.  A standard college ruled note book
  2. Passantino NO. 159 Guitar Manuscript ( you can buy directly on Amazon or at your local music store).
  3. A metronome or metronome app for practice

I will provide an amp, cord, tuner and metronome for lessons.

Additional Information:

 Many teachers require you to sign a contract committing you to buying lessons for a  period of 6 months!  I DO NOT REQUIRE THIS!   I'm confident that once you get a few lessons under your belt you'll be happy with your teacher, and if not you are free to seek other instruction.